Client seeking $53M in funds for purchase and rehab.
Apartment complexes in Southern US. Over 2500 units total

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Please send me a project summary and executive summary to review. Please include a contact number so I can contact you to set up a conference call with my capital partner.

Therin Hill, MBA

I might be able to help, here is what I need to know.


Does principal have a signed contract with earnest money in place?

Can borrower put down 30%?

If so what is the contract price and what is the cost of the rehab needed?

Available private funds for viable project up to $500m. Principals Only, No Brokers. (Loans for Incoming Producing Property, Non-Recourse Loans for Multi-Family & Assisted Living, 100% JV Equity, Large-Scal Debt Financing, etc.) email

We are a group of over 100 HNW and Family Office investors specializing in Commercial Real Estate.

Please send contact info and details to

Thank you.


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