$50k-$200k Unsecured Capital for Real Estate Investors.

I assist business owners like your self nation wide raise unsecured business capital up to $200k In 15 business day's. Our lenders have a simple stated application give you 0% interest for the first 6-12 months. Best of all no upfront fee's! Contact me today www.expertbusinessfunding.com or send me a direct message to find the best funding option for you!

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We would be interested in learning more. We seek investors/partners to assist us from time to time with our purchases. We are in a buy and hold cycle at this time. So we're interested in more than a six month loan. Usually 12 to 18months minimum with options at end of loan period. Our credit is not an issue.

Ceno Wilson/ Managing partner

Wilson Real Estate Investment, LLC.




Yes, Francisco I filled out application on website Here's to a profitable relationship



Rehab Consultants LLC


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