I have a large $22 mil cattle ranch loan that needs to close in 2 weeks. Cash out refi. Approx. 65% LTV. Value approx. $34 mil. Great cash flow and collateral. How about a bridge loan for now as they are waiting for permanent financing in 60 days? Please contact me asap. Thank you. hashtag#loan hashtag#Bridgeloan hashtag#cashoutrefi

We have full docs.

Have to close by March 19th.


You could make $220,000. One point.

Not a bad payday.


Jay Harris, Manager

C.J. Investment Group, LLC

2000 Wadsworth Blvd. #150

Lakewood, CO 80214                    

Office: 720-295-3040. Cell: 303-239-1234

Email: realvest@comcast.net

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