12 million funding for student housing needed Immediately

Hello, everyone, My name is Frank Lawson, I am in need of an equity partner or an honest hard money lender for a student housing property I  have under contract.   The property is located in the state of MD.  and is doing around 500K a year. The state has authorized a rental increase of 8% for the next three years for the on campus and off campus student dorms.  This equates to 50K increase for the next three years totaling 150K.  The deal is 11.5M, the escrow is already set up with the attorneys.  I have very damaged credit from a previous scam so am being which is why I need an honest equity partner of honest hard money lender I am being as careful as possible but the so-called lender has dropped the ball.  The students are already moving into the property for this semester.  the rents are paid every semester which is every three months and some pay for the year in full.  I had a lender but they have now dropped the ball and I have 72hrs from Monday the 22nd of Aug.  I must close by the end of the month.  The purchase of the property is 51 apartments in three buildings and is directly across the street from the university.  If you can help I will provide you the seller's attorney's escrow account information to have the money wired to and the contracts, property information.  I will only send the information upon verification of your availability to fund and nothing else.  Please contact me by email at l.and.lenterprisesinc@gmail.com or by calling me direct 240-671-9292

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Forgot to mention the property has no mortgage or liens on it so it is free and clear

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