Hi, I am negotiating on a 29 SFR REO portfolio for $1.3M.  Its AVM is $4.9M.  All properties are in New Jersey. I am looking for a true asset based, direct lender or a private lender who have funded bulk REO portfolios before and DO NOT require a bunch of upfront fees, appraisals, inspections, etc.  This asset manager has deals flying off the table while I am talking with an agent of a broker who must speak with a few lenders.

This is a 30% LTV deal.  He is offering incredible deals to someone who has the POF and can close quickly.

Please only contact me, if you can lend based upon the assets.  This is a win-win situation and long-term relationship I am looking for.

Serious responders only.  

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do you lend in NJ?  This is where all properties are.  Thanks


We will do asset base lending on the right properties. I need to know what state you are in.

Contact me ASAP

Nick (310)480-4447 or malkut@outlook.com


What's going on Paul?

By chance, are these properties presently leased out? I am affiliated with a lender which specializes in Bulk Portfolio lending but the rental income (Cash-flow) is used as a qualifying criteria for the loan, which it is then structured as a "Blanket" loan (i.e one loan for multiple properties - *even if properties are in different States*).  Let me know please.....Kirkland Dean / The KAD Group / thekad_group@yahoo.com / (678) 568-1044

these properties are all vacant.  thanks.

Kirkland do you have anyone that would be interested in motels in Alabama.

How's it going Ricky?

Shoot me an e-mail (if you will), advising EXACTLY what you are looking for..*(Basically, give a brief overview of the purpose of the loan, while covering: (Are you seeking a short-term Private, Hard-Money or Bridge loan or perhaps long termed conventional financing with more competitive interest rates?...Would this be for the purpose of a standard purchase, refinance, a leveraged Buy-Out or perhaps a D.I.P? (Debtor In Possession).

Kirkland Dean


Just sent you an email.
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Just read about your post i think i can help you fund your deal only if you are serious in securing a loan from me get back to me via inbox here so we can discuss more about your loan email rheebridsche@yahoo.com



Mr Lucas

Have you received funding for this yet? if not let me know. I may be able to assist you. 

Carlos Clark
CDC Capital Partners, LCC
Managing Member

ave you received funding for this yet? if not let me know 


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