Available funding for viable commercial real estate projects. This program provides 100% equity financing for large-scale development projects that require a joint venture partner; development projects that require a joint venture partner. ($250k - $500m)  Principals only, No Brokers

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You asking me.

Sorry! My "L" is showing (lol)!!

Hello Barbara,

I'm looking to JV a deal in Phoenix/AZ, property is under contract already. PP = 1.23mil, Rehab = 250k, ARV = 2.4mil+, EMD = 20k. I have been in the flip business since 1998, was in a rear-end accident in 2009, finally reopened this year, flipped a small home, then this deal came up. We have the experience, unfortunately we don't have enough capital to do this on our own. Need help with EMD only, can participate partial amount, or need JV partner by tomorrow morning. Thank you.

uri124ch@gmail.com - Daniella



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