Loan Amounts Up to $2M

Proud to announce our TRUE 100% financing program. We will fund 100% of purchase, rehab, points, interest, and closing costs up to 70% ARV(higher case by case). Available in NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, and other states case by case depending on experience.


Below are the parameters for the financing program:

-100% of Purchase
-100% of Rehab
-8-13% Interest (can be rolled into the loan)
-2-4 Points (can be rolled into the loan)
-12 month term
-Up to 70% ARV (higher case by case)
-No Min Loan/Max loan of $2,000,000 Closing
-Cost can be rolled into the loan
-Entity Borrowers Only
-No Min Credit Score
-Experienced Flippers Preferred
-Profit share is applicable depending on each project


Contact Us For More Information:

O: 314-252-0299

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Hey Hanz,

Good afternoon & thanks for the reply!

If the project makes sense, we can lend outside of the preferred lending territories!

i can also help you with the loan if interested

Hi Nick, I left you a voicemail.  I do most of my work in Wisconsin, and do have 20 years of experience.  I have worked with 65% arv loans but they want 10-15% down even when the deal is at 50 arv, so your 100% is interesting to me.

I'm looking to purchase a 276 space mobile home park in Burlington, Iowa.  Need 3 Million.  Can you do 100% financing to purchase it?

Byron Gashler


(385) 355-0383 (cell)

Hello Nick, I have a BNB property in upper Maine that seller is asking 2M with a value of 3M.  The seller is willing to cover the closing expenses, and the LTV is right at 70%

Can you assist us with this deal?


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