100% Financing for commercial projects. Mortgage financing in all fifty states as well

Offering 100% financing on approved commercial projects.

Marie McAllister
ph 561-444-9460
Fx 561-477-7676
-World wide funding starting at  $2,000,000- unlimited.

-Joint Ventures/- Business loans/-Capital Equipment Loans/-Equipment Leasing
-Debt/Equity Financing/-Asset Based Lending (accounts receivable,purchase orders, inventory)
-Fixed base lending( such as plant, property,equipment)/-Working Capital, Refinancing/-Buyout, DIP.

Mortgage financing in all fifty states as well starting at 97% LTV. Scores starting at 580.

100% VA funding.

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Business Seeking funding for $1.7M.  Company owns the waterfront property and building a seafood restaurant adjacent to a marina.  Contact for more information.

Hello Marie I saw your posting on the real estate finance site.  I have a sea side hotel located in CA, the hotel has 27 rooms all ocean view and right on the beach.  The owner is 70 years old and wants to retire, she has the property listed at 5.2m.  We have negotiated a seller price of 4.65m of which she will be carrying a 30% owner financed note which is 1.5m.  We are seeking funding of 3.25m  to purchase the property which also comes with a operating restaurant that is cash-flowing.  We will not be running the restaurant but will be leasing it to a operator that has another restaurant in the area.  We are closing on a 382 unit apartment complex in TN and do not have any additional funds for this.  We do have it under contract with no money down.  The offer has been accepted.  Can you help with this loan?  


Please send email to l.and.lenterprisesinc@gmail.com


Thank you


I think so. email me




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