We are having a great response to this New Buy-Back Option Program since we made it available last Friday 13th of June... This Service is Not for Broke Investors! But it can Save them a lot of money and Make them even more!.. Please check it out at: http://bigdealsconsulting.net/buybackoption.html 

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Your website does not work?


Please send me more info or how to get started. I am an experience residential investor. Thanks  jimyoc@gmail.com


We are a buy and hold company here in western Ar,Would like to see your details.JNJPropertys@yahoo     Thanks

Hello John..

As per your request, here are 2 Programs to choose from:


Let me know which of these 2 options is best for you...

I'm looking for a loan for a home that needs Rehabbing. I want to get a ARV loan with 100% Financing. Meaning that i would like to get the loan on the home with out paying anything out of my pocket until the home is Rehabbed and sold. I would like to get the loan for 1 year and if i pay the loan early there would be no penalties on the loan. Can you help me and i hope there is no fee's. I just gave some one from this site money and i have not received my loan. I lost all my money. So i called my police station and they are looking into it. The price on the home is $70000 and the Rehab is $45000
Thank You for your Reply.
Carlos Rivera Jr

WOW!! It's amazing how people NEVER actually Read the Program's Guideline's or actually Visit the Website to read the full details!!

If what you're asking to do was actually Realistic, EVERYBODY would be doing it!! LOL!! Yeah, everybody, including my 12 year old son and 97 year old grandma would be Investors! LOL!

C'mon people!! Wake up!! No money out of your pocket whatsoever until you make a profit??? LMAO!!!!

You call your self an Investor??? I highly doubt that you had EVER done a single Fix & Flip deal in your life.

Everybody that is a Real Investor, knows that there are ALWAYS costs in this business that you need to be prepared to cover yourself. There is NOBODY out there that will give you 100% of the Purchase Price, 100% of the Rehab Cost, with no Closing Cost Fees or Earnest Money Cost for You and will wait for the property to be totally fixed-up and also Sold, BEFORE they see a penny from you!! OMG!!! You live in a Fantasy world!!

You know, it amuses me to think that you are serious, rather than make me angry. In my 10 years of doing Investor's Loans, this is the first "Request" like this... I guess that there's a first time for everything...

Hey! Good luck finding what you want! It won't be me for sure! LOL!! Bye!

Go and LEARN what it takes to be a REAL INVESTOR Before you ask for RIDICULOUS things that don't exist,like you just did!

Go ahead and tell whoever you want whatever you want. At the end, your INCOMPETENCE will always be a problem for you. I never used foul language towards you. You are the one that can't take criticism and use profanity to feel better about venting out your frustration.

Just get educated before wasting people's time...  So long!  


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