The information and link​ below spells out everything ​about this INCREDIBLE PROGRAM​ and ​will answer most if not all ​of your​ questions. Please inquire after your review if you still have any questions. Complete your Customer Registration now----it takes ONLY minutes and you have absolutely nothing to lose and a LOT TO GAIN! Also reach out to other real estate investors, note buyers, other lenders, real estate agents​, real estate investor associations, small businesses NATIONWIDE, and Canada who need, or are seeking 100% financing for their deals----this is an UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITY just waiting for you!! This 100% financing program can be used alone or in conjunction with other lenders' financing programs. Get started TODAY!!


Also join to become a Paid Affiliate at

Highlights of the 100% Financing Program:

  • NO COLLATERAL REQUIRED. Our business credit cards are UNSECURED---NO LIENS against any property or equipment
  • NO UPFRONT COST ​and it's FREE TO APPLY ---we are paid on results ONLY.  
  • FUNDING can range from $10K$150K ​PER EACH BUSINESS THAT CLIENT​ REGISTERS INTO PROGRAM and takes only minutes online----QUICK APPROVALS!
  • NO FEES/COSTS WHATSOEVER unless you are approved​. If approved,​ a 10% fee is then assessed off TOTAL APPROVED AMOUNT payable out of the business lines of credit you receive 
  • MUST ​HAVE any 50 USA state business EIN# and 720 combined credit score/good credit overall for approval(less than 720 combined credit score and/or a Canadian citizen with a USA business EIN# will require a USA resident co-signer)​
  • 0% interest rate for the first 6 - 12 months
  • RATES begin at 8.99% APR
  • FUNDING in as little as 15 - 20 business days
  • REVOLVING BUSINESS LINE OF CREDIT (LOC)----NO RESTRICTIONS ON USE----can be used SAME-AS-CASH for literally anything---purchase real estate 
    or use for down payments​,​ purchase​ notes, doing​ rehabs, etc.!​ INCREDIBLE PROGRAM for the "buy & flip" investors!​
  • Business Credit Cards will NOT report on personal credit bureaus. Drawing funds from your business credit cards will NOT affect your debt-to-income ratio
  • DOES NOT report to credit reporting agencies UNLESS you default

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How are you Eric, we talked through TMAR a few years ago. I am looking for some serious funding source - just thought you could give me an idea of what you might get done. 

Randy Hinkle


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