As some of you may not know, but i am a Private Lending Consultant with a very aggressive and fast Lending firm.


I have GREAT NEWS!!!

We are now offering a Business LOC!!!

Here are your Prequalification questions for the BLOC:

Name of the Principal or Principals:


Best time to call/Country:

Email Address:

Location of the Project:

Type of Project:

Amount of Funds Requested:

These are the requirements:

* Must be Revenue-Based

* Must have 6 months bank statements

(must be sent to me in pdf format)

* Must have 2 yrs tax returns

(must be sent to me in pdf format)


(read that again...NO CREDIT SCORE NEEDED)

$10K up to $1Million

Very simple process, closings in 2 to 3 weeks. Answer those few simple questions above, and you can be on your way to FUNDING!!

Ms. Bynum

Private Loan Consultant

Legacy Commercial Capital

501.613.7412(call or text)

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