New programs by USA Capital Funding Services, LLC

1. Stated Income/ Stated Asset for investors 1- 4 units
◾ This program requires minimal paperwork
◾ App we provide fully filled out
◾ Up to 75% LTV
◾ Fico 620 and up, the higher the Fico, the better LTV’s
◾ Lending in 40+ states

2. Commercial Lending in the Caribbean’s
◾ App we provide
◾ Client will need strong assets
◾ Max LTV 80%
◾ Commercial properties only

3. Line Of Credit for R/E owners
◾ App we provide
◾ Fico with 680 and above only
◾ PFS required
◾ Tax Returns (personal and Business) as well as P&L and Balance sheet
◾ Rates start at 10%
◾ True revolving LOC with monthly payments
◾ Other options available for Low Fico
◾ 1-4 Units and Mixed Used properties

4. Oil and Gas lending
◾ App we provide
◾ LOC or Term loan available
◾ PFS required
◾ Tax returns (personal and business)
◾ P&L and Balance sheet
◾ Bank statements for 12 months
◾ Rates start at 8.99%
◾ Terms up to 5 years

5. Business Loan and Line of Credit for small businesses
◾ App we provide
◾ Term Loan or True LOC
◾ Rates start at 7.99%
◾ PFS and Debt Scheduled required
◾ Tax returns for 2 years (personal and business
◾ Soft credit report from or
◾ Bank statements for the last 12 months
◾ Business license
◾ Driver License

6 .100% financing for Land and construction projects
◾ This program is on a case-by-case deal
◾ We will provide 100% financing for land and construction of SFR, Condo’s and Mixed Use
◾ Minimum of total project $10 million
◾ A client must have a great resume on prior projects
◾ Fico 720 and up
◾ Must have money in the project

7. Transitional Lending up to 100% financing
◾ We can provide full funds of your purchase from $1 million to $50 million
◾ Property can’t include a business
◾ We can close in 7 days after LOI
◾ No upfront fees, Credit Report or Financial Statements needed!
◾ Party A (seller) to Party B (client/buyer) contract needed for approval
◾ Party B to Party C (end buyer) contract needed for approval
◾ Party C will need to show he/she’s approved for financing
◾ Appraisal or a good BPO will be needed for property
◾ We will order title
◾ 5% nonrefundable down payment must be done by Party C (goes to the attorney)
◾ No more than $500k must be in the deal, so be creative!
◾ Same attorney must do both closings

8. Line of credit for your R/E purchases
◾ If you’re an investor looking for a line of credit and are tired of going to banks for loans, or brokers passing your credit around to purchase properties, you’ve come to the right team. We at USA Capital Funding can get you that line of credit, to streamline your purchases if you already have a good portfolio. The minimum loan amount is $1 million, but you must have a minimum of $5 million worth of properties in your portfolio to qualify.

Let us know if you have any questions, we are here to get your deals done! 877.375.0388

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