Solo 401k – An Overview of the Ultimate Qualified Retirement Plan

For those who are looking for the ultimate qualified retirement plan, the Solo 401k is the answer to your long and challenging search. Also known as the Self-Directed plan, this account is highly recommended for people who want nothing but the best financial preparation for their future starting today. There are essential provisions that you must first comply with before you can establish this remarkably lucrative retirement policy. Learn from the best and establish your account with the most trusted in the business, Sense Financial.


What is a 401k account?


The Solo 401k retirement plan is dubbed as the most innovative among retirement policies which have the IRS seal of approval. You can establish this type of retirement account if you pass its two main eligibility requirements:


  1. Self-Employment – You must show proof that you are self-employed or any activities of self-employment. For instance, you can still have a fulltime job in a company as long as you can prove your self-employment activities such as being an independent contractor or consultant. The 401k plan is an ideal account for self-employed individuals such as doctors, real estate professionals, and the likes.
  2. Small Business Owner – In this requirement, you must be an owner of a small business without any fulltime employees except for yourself and your spouse. This is applicable in any structure or capacity such as LLC, sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation.


The Solo 401k Benefits


There are many types of retirement plans but only the self-directed, Solo 401k plan offers enormous perks and benefits. Here are some of the known upsides when you establish the ultimate retirement plan with the best administrators today:


  • Higher Contribution – You can enjoy much higher contribution which is almost 10 times compared to traditional plans or Roth IRA. The annual contribution limit is $57,500 including the catch up contribution for qualified individuals.
  • Checkbook Control – Enjoy easy use of your retirement funds for investment such as in real estate. You can use your retirement funds as easy as writing a check.
  • Diverse Investment Options – Choose from a wide range of investment options to boost your retirement savings from real estate to foreign currencies, stocks and bonds, mortgage, tax deeds and tax liens.


The Solo 401k retirement plan is indeed the best option for you with tons of benefits and upsides to boost your savings. Watch your money grow without tax on your income derived from your retirement fund investments.

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