Small Business 401k Plans – Financial Preparedness Starts with the Solo 401k

The small business 401k plans will help you prepare your finances in the future as long as you ask the right plan providers today. Sense Financial is a proven and tested 401k company offering the most lucrative features for their clients and plan owners. There are many companies and administrators of the Individual k plan but only a few could deliver owner-friendly services that would help them secure and make their finances more productive especially during their retirement years.


What is a Solo 401k?


Set up the small business 401k plans if you want to start your financial preparedness ventures. The Solo 401k retirement account is accessible for qualified candidates who are owners of a small business and could prove self-employment activities. How do you know that you are eligible to set up and establish this account?


  • Proof of Self-Employment – You are a qualified candidate to open an Individual 401k account if you can prove you have income from any self-employment activities. You can be an independent contractor or consultant or any other jobs categorized in this group. Though self-employed, candidates could still keep their fulltime jobs and qualify as long as they have the self-employment ventures on the side.
  • Small Business Ownership – You are a qualified small business owner if you do not have any fulltime employees with the exception of yourself and your spouse. Any other employees in your company must have a part-time job position for your business to be qualified in this category.


Why opt for the small business 401k plans?


There are innumerable reasons why the small business 401k plans are highly recommended for those who want to make a good start in preparing for their future particularly their golden years. It is the type of plan that has the highest maximum annual contribution, in fact ten times bigger than traditional IRA. Moreover, it allows you to use your retirement savings to fund your chosen investment. You have the widest scope of investment options where you can invest your retirement savings including real estate, precious metals, tax liens, tax deeds, mortgage notes, and stocks and bonds among others. For owners who are in dire need of money, you can also borrow your retirement savings to pay off bills, debts or even start a business.


The Solo 401k is indeed one of the best retirement plans for self employed. Set up the small business 401k plans and start investing for your future tax-free.


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