Securities Based Lending (Stock loans and lines of credit)

                              No-Doc, fast and easy Non-Recourse Stock & Asset Loans!

Why sell your assets and loose the upside

When you can leverage them, instead?



Securities that qualify as collateral are publicly and actively traded stocks, mutual funds, bonds, MTN's and Treasury Notes that are not restricted in any manner.

While it's true that a margin loan might be the right fast-cash solution for many stock owners, a standard brokerage margin loan will not meet the needs of everyone - they are far too restrictive!

For these savvy stock owners, a STOCK LOAN can serve as a feature-rich alternative to traditional margin-based lending, with respect to flexible guidelines and upside retention. 

MARGIN LOAN (what most broker/dealers offer):
50% loan-to-value Margin/house calls require borrower to cover shortfalls with additional cash or stocks; a full recourse loan; Lender can demand not only stocks, but additional assets in the event of unpaid shortfall or nonpayment. Default is freely reportable to credit bureaus, especially if the loan is not repaid. Client cash tied usually to one brokerage account unless sold. Cash available by selling stocks outright from account. Regular account statements. Must prove credit worthiness to qualify for margin account; often minimum balance is required.

STOCK LOAN (what we have):
Up to 80% loan-to-value; no margin calls for any reason. 100% hedged portfolio limits risk of loss; margin calls unnecessary; non-recourse loan. Client can freely default at any time, forfeiting only stocks, even if stocks are worthless - client keeps the cash.

Non-recourse freedom means a default is never reported to credit agencies - default is actually a borrower right! And, while there is no sale of the stock, client can keep the upside! Also, tax deferral is possible with regular account statements.

Your stocks are your passport to a STOCK LOAN - with very low rates

The loan-to-value ratio and the interest rate are determined by what securities are pledged. The more liquid and actively the traded securities are, the higher the loan-to-value ratio and the lower the interest rate.

All you have to do to receive funding in about a week is:

* Send an email with the trading symbol and # of shares to

* A Term Sheet/Loan Commitment is then issued.

* Borrower reviews and approves the Term Sheet/Loan Commitment.

* A conference call is placed to the borrower to go over the program and answer any questions.

* The Pledge Agreement and Contract are forwarded to the borrower for signatures.

* The securities are then transferred to the investment brokerage account.

* We then track the closing price of the shares for 5 days to obtain an average price.

* The loan is then disbursed based upon the loan-to-value previously agreed upon.

* Borrower makes Interest-Only quarterly payments - the 1st one being due in 3 months.

* Any dividends from the securities may be applied to the quarterly interest-only loan payment first and any excess is returned to the borrower.

* Default trigger is set at 80% of the loan amount - not 80% of the securities value like typical margin loans. For example: securities value of $1MM, loan of $800k, default trigger at $640k (80% of the loan amount). If the securities value fell below $640k the borrower could walk away from the obligation of repayment of the loan and keep the original loan proceeds ($800k) or contribute cash or securities to bring the value back up to $640k. The borrower would forfeit the collateral. Unlike margin loans this is a non-recourse loan so there is no personal liability should a default on the loan occur.

* At the end of the loan term the loan is paid in full and the same amount of shares are returned to the borrower.

* The loan may also be extended or refinanced.

None of this information is to be construed as tax planning, investment, buy-sell, or legal advice. Commercial Funding Now is not a securities company or broker/dealer.


1) Use the money as a down payment on real estate
2) Use the cash to resolve tax issues
3) Buy an annuity
4) Use the money to buy insurance
5) Buy a business
6) Pay off debt
7) Use proceeds for anything except purchase of marginable securities

If you happen to own a public company, that is fully reporting and has aged debt over 6 months - we can provide funds to you in a structured offering using your available shares! Call us today at 1-877-704-6646!


What are the loan amounts (minimum & maximum)?

$100,000 min loan amount, portfolio value = $120,000+req.  max-to 80% LTV !

What is the turn around time? 

Quotes often sent same day - funding at closing - wired direct, usually within a week

What fees are there - outside of commissions?

None! There are absolutely no application fee's, and origination is paid out of proceeds. 

Are there any document requirements, or any personal documents needed from me? 

All the stock owner has to do is verify actual ownership of the stock with a copy of  the certificate or statement! No other doc's required!

Is there any minimal stock value as of today that must be met, for example the stock must be at least $1.00 in value/ Can you use a so called "Penny Stock"?

Yes! Even a penny stock!

Will I still get dividends on my stocks? 

Yes, of course you will continue to receive dividends. They can be applied to your next interest-only, quarterly payment - if desired, and for your convenience.

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