Request for funding, top profitability.

My new proposal on Linkedin (see my profile page) to serious lenders for a loan of at least €51million is an annual return of 50% based on a balloon with annual interest payments for 5 years.
So the annual return = 50% x € 51million = €25,5million. For 5 years a return of 5 x €25,5mio = €127,5mio for the investor.

So the total return in 5 years is 2,5 times the loan of €51million.

The offered interest is absolutely feasible, the safe way how to realize this is explained in my business plan and in my executive summary.

The only requirement of the investor is to ADVANCE all costs, like bank costs, transfer cost, personal costs/fees/taxes and all other possible costs to be paid by the investor and or the borrower. The borrower will REFUND his part after disbursement. This is to be assured that the investment will be transferred to the account of the borrower. So no upfront payments of any kind by the borrower.

Total return for the investor against his performance in return is: €127,5mio for a loan of €51mio against all advanced costs (my part refunded after disbursement).

This only applies to honest and serious lenders.

Will you be such a lender?
Can you meet this?

If so, please confirm to Henk Bergsma / Accomp

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