Public-Private Partnership in the USA 100% Project Funding Options Overview

Many communities today are still feeling the effects of the Economic Downturn.

Many have been forced to delay.......

• Construction of new facilities or Rehab of existing government facilities

• Purchase of new equipment

• Implementation of Energy-Saving devices or projects

• Improvements & Upgrades to Infrastructure

• Affordable Housing Projects

If your community is still struggling to operate within the confines of a reduced

tax base or if you are simply looking for an alternative to municipal bond financing...

P3 is a great tool that can be used very effectively and efficiently to address

challenges faced by Local, State, and Federal Governments as they recover. Our

specific team was strengthened recently with the addition of an exclusive funding

Partner who brings the experience and ability to provide 100% of the capital required for almost any government projects.

Our team is now able to offer customized solutions tailored to the unique and varied

circumstances of each individual community...... and ensure that you have 100% of the

capital necessary to make those plans a reality.



*Build to Suit


*Equipment Financing

*Energy Financing Lease Guarantee

*Refinance Municipal Bonds


*Customized, Flexible Solutions

*Design/Build Services Available

*Turnkey Project Provided

*Revenue Sharing Allowed

*Tax Increases May Be Unnecessary

*Access to Equity (Sale/Leaseback)

*Purchase Option on most Projects

*Bonding Capacity not Impacted

*Reduced Risk to Government

*Accounting Advantages

*May not require voter approval


*100% Financing

*30 – 90 Day Funding (typical)

*Competitive Terms up to 30 Years

*Deferred & Escalated Payment


• Population

• City = 20,000 +

• County = 50,000 +

• Credit Rating

• A- or Better

• (S & P or Moody's)

• Location

• United States

• United States Territories

• International (Case by Case , but it will likely depend on Political Stability

• and the Credit Rating of the Community)


* $ 10 Million +

• Lower transactions considered

• Can combine multiple projects


*Office Buildings or Courthouse

*Fire/Police Station

*Jail/Prison/Juvenile Detention


*Parking Garage

*Hospital/Clinic/Assisted Living

*Airport Construction/Expansion

*Government Housing

*Equipment Purchase/Rental

*Renewable Energy Projects

*Lighting & Energy Upgrades

*Infrastructure Projects

*Public Works Projects

*Recreational Facilities & Parks

*Refinance Existing Bonds

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