NEW 1% 30 YR FIXED RATE (all 50 states)!

We have unlimited capital and are expertly positioned to meet the needs of borrowers that fall outside of traditional bank parameters for residential loans!

Our new real estate product is going to revolutionize the industry once the word gets out! 

INTRODUCING....The Best Damn Residential Loan...EVER!!!

The very 1st.......1% 30 yr amortized  FIXED  INTEREST RATE...EVER!!!

Residential Funding Benefits........

1. 1% 30 yr fixed pay on time for the 1st 15 yrs, the last 15 yrs are forgiven=PAID IN FULL

2. 250K minimum (no cap)

3.  100% Financing & No LTV Restrictions

    Purchase, Purchase/Rehab, Refinance: No Cash Out

    Refinance/ Rehab :Debt Consolidation Construction

4. No credit check (fico) Asset Based

5. ONLY 3% down (tax deductible)

6. No PMI INS.........

7. No pre-payment Penality

8.  Cash out/ Refinance

this is truly....The Best Damn Residential Loan...EVER!!!

CALL NOW!!! 1-510-575-1709

what's needed to submit a residential deal

1.Application (attached)

2. 6 months bank statements or 2 yrs tax returns

3. proof of funds (3%)

4. Clear color copy of driver license 

5. P & S agreement if you already have

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