Keeping Abreast Of Hard Money Lending Changes For You.

I was inspired by a recent article posted by The Trust Deed Capital blog called “Six Things To Look For When searching For A Hard Money Lender”.

Hard Money or Private Money (interchangeable terms) can be scary to some borrowers and Agents alike who have never used it before.  However, it can be a deal-saver more times than you may realize!

I definitely agree with the six key traits to look for when finding not just the right Hard Money Broker  to work with but also any Real Estate Agent or Lender: Professionalism, License, Experience, Competitive Rates, Reliable and Fast – all pretty much self explanatory and important if you want the best results.

Our entire staff at Sun Pacific Mortgage and Real Estate recently attended the California Mortgage Association Conference in San Diego.  The Conference was for Hard Money Mortgage Brokers and went over what new rules are here or coming soon.  We definitely strive to keep abreast of any and all regulations so we can provide you with great hard money loans not just throughout our hometown, Santa Rosa and Sonoma County, but also throughout all of California.

We have seen an increase of larger size loans and our updated rate sheet includes funding of such jumbo loans.  Jumbo Loans or Jumbo Mortgages are defined as $417,000 or higher.  Just recently we rescued a home buyer near San Diego who needed a jumbo mortgage of $803K.  Then a real estate investor needed to refinance rental units near San Francisco and we got his jumbo loan financed.  And another investment property purchase required a jumbo loan in Berkley and we were able to get this funded by one of our private investors within two weeks.

So, as you can hopefully see, we are professional, licensed, experienced and get relied on by borrowers and their Agents to come through with the financing for their purchase or refinance!

Call us 707-523-2099 with any questions or scenarios and see how we can help you.


Best, Forest – The Guy in the White Hat

Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate

Hard Money Broker Serving all of CA since 1988!


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