Are you an experienced, credit worthy professional real estate investor or do you have clients who are ?  York Commercial Finance provides financing for professional commercial real estate investors that acquire, build and rehabilitate residential properties. We offer full recourse and non recourse lines of credit from 250K to $10MM . A line of credit permits you to obtain multiple property loans (one per property) up to your approved exposure limit within the line of credit availability period , normally 9-12 months.  The lines of credit are available for single family, multi family and mixed use properties. We also offer financing for construction loans ! 


Lines of credit are interest only and available for U. S Citizens, Permanent Resident Aliens, Non Permanent Resident Aliens that reside in the U.S. as well as Foreign Nationals depending upon where they reside. We lend to just about every type of corporate entity including Revocable Trusts, Community Land Trusts and entities owned by a Non Profit !


For more information on this program as well as others offered by York Commercial Finance call or email us for additional details  !

(214) 561-8737

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