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Comment by rob on February 4, 2014 at 2:00pm

Roll our OnSite power production system into your next commercial transaction and generate additional revenue. You can also Finance our clients.

The OnSite AESRPT electricity generator is installed near the property where the electricity is needed. This is a Smarter, securer Grid and if there’s an accidental power failures it will be central located at each individual sites. No multiple power black Outs. (Unlimited Electricity Production include with your mortgage or property lease payment).

The OnSite solutions will generate electricity power at the location where the electricity is needed. With energy demand growing, a OnSite AESRPT solution provides opportunities for property developers and property owners to have power security and or zero energy bills; Independent Power Producers can now generate additional revenue and now power can be anywhere.  The system is designed to provides 100% on demand power and will generate electricity without solar, wind or external fossil fuels, producing sustainable clean energy. The OnSite AESRPT Electricity Generator can work with other alternative and renewable energy systems. (As a Co-Generation power production system ~ On Grid, Off Grid or power back up (Compact Size 77sqf (5ft – 11ft) Scalable and Stackable) Life time operation 20 -30 years.

This is control engineering utilizing industrial commercially proven devices, and modules, that’s designed to work together (This is not a new technology; it’s a new Technology design). We call this AESRPT (advanced energy storage renewable power technology), operating and functioning as a self energized electricity generator. -

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