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How to Be a Real Estate Investor

ASK THE EXPERT! SEND ME QUESTIONS or Call 214-702-3478 Free Consultation Learning how to be a real estate investor can be confusing when there are numerous people competing for your attention, telling you what to do and how to do it. Before you solicit advice from anyone – paid or not – it’s best to get their credentials checked first. Bear in mind that the industry is saturated with a lot of people who claim to be “experts” on the subject matter. It may be true on the theoretical aspect but most fall short when it comes to actions.

If you are decided on learning more about investing in real estate, there are two types of people from whom you can learn from. First are those that educate, showing you the basics and the ins and outs of the industry through a theoretical manner, while the second one are those people that practice in a real world setting. Although the industry is known to be volatile due to frequent fluctuations in monetary value, it is still best to learn from someone who practices the trade. If you’re looking for real life lessons and experience, the latter would be best for you.

Do not rush by trying to absorb everything at once. Never assume that you know everything that there is to know since this prevents you from accepting new knowledge.

  1. Search for bargains

The first step in learning how to be a real estate investor is to find a good bargain. There are numerous acquisition techniques that can be used in the real estate world but it is advisable to learn one at a time. Focus on one and learn it until you know it by heart before you shift your focus on another. By mastering these techniques, you’ll be able to acquire bargains better. Keep in mind that bargains means profit.

  1. Property analysis

Once you have a bargain, you need to do property analysis. You need to be sure that the bargain you found really an excellent deal. Always remember that a property is as good as how much someone is willing buy it for and not how you would price it.

  1. Prepare the documentation

Upon confirmation that you have a good bargain, you can now offer your proposal to a seller through a contract. This is a very self explanatory step. In order to ensure that your deal goes through, put your offer on paper. Without that contract, there will be no transactions hence, no profit. This is an essential skill that you have to learn if you want to learn how to be a real estate investor.

  1. Close the deal.

Money only comes in when you have sold the property that you acquired. There are four different exit strategies that you can choose from:

a.       Buy and hold

b.      Fix and flip

c.       Lease the property

d.      Wholesale

It is crucial that from step one, you should already have a plan on how you are going to exit the deal. Never begin a deal without consider how to get out of it otherwise you might lose your profit.

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