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Good morning. I hope you all had a great weekend. Now that we are back to work, here is a little heads up... The new scam, on this website and thousands of other mortgage and finance websites, is people saying that they can and will fund real estate transactions in any country worldwide. They say this and collect a four or five figure upfront fee and do not deliver, just disappear.

Now, anyone with any common sense or business experience knows that no company can or would ever…


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Follow The Real Estate Finance Website on Twitter!

Each day I will be tweeting different blogs and member's profiles as well as other information to help you all. Funding options, member funding requests, mortgage and real estate related events and more!

Follow us on using @rlestatefinance or just typing in Realestatefinance.


Thank you all for making this website the amazing funding resource that it…


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Introducing Maggio Capital - a DIRECT California hard money lender!

Maggio Capital is a direct lender and we want to fund your hard money loans in Southern California!

General Terms & Conditions:

* 1st & 2nd Trust Deeds

* Residential- SFR, 2-4 units, Condos, Townhomes & Multi Family 5+ units

* $30,000 to $3,000,000+

* Southern California Properties Only…


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Check out our NEW Helpful Resources feature!

We have created a new feature with a number of very helpful real estate and mortgage related resources to help you. We now offer everything from credit repair, foreclosure and auction lists, even low interest rate mortgage loan options and many other great services!

Take a look at this amazing new feature by clicking on the Helpful Resources tab or using this link:…


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Spamming other people's posts

Starting today, we will begin banning people from this website if they repeatedly spam other member's blog and forum posts. If you are posting the same unrelated generic message to dozens of blog and forum posts, you will now be deleted and your name and email address banned from this website.


You can post your own blog threads and forum discussions as much as you want but stay off other member's posts unless it specifically related to that member's…


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We can help you qualify for home or investment property ownership!

Of all the questions that we get asked, the most frequent is, "Will I be qualified to get a mortgage?" Whether you are looking to purchase your own home or an investment property, you will need the credit to qualify for financing.

Generally, you are qualified to own a home RIGHT NOW if you've:

1. been at your job or in the same line of work for at least two years

2. your income is sufficient to qualify for the home price range in which you are interested. Here, the…


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GO SEAHAWKS - TOMORROW, FOR PEOPLE FROM SEATTLE, NOTHING ELSE MATTERS! If your life is tough, if you are having troubles with your spouse, with money, at work, whatever your issues... Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday! This is one amazing day each year that football fans can all share in a great game with two very good teams. Only one team will win: SEATTLE SEAHAWKS!!!

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Meet us at the MBA Conference - Union Capital Investments

We wanted to say thank you for the wonderful response to our original email. We have been able to work with a number of your colleagues in providing the right financing alternatives for their borrowers. We are following up on our original email and invite you to meet with us at the MBA CREF Conference in Orlando. If you won't be at the conference, please feel free to contact us directly. Union Capital…


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New group on this site, for all of the Facebook users!

Just go to GROUPS and type in Facebook. Anyone can join. This will be a great place to get new likes for your Facebook page, make new connections, and market your personal and business Facebook pages!

Join us!

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The Real Estate Finance Website now has a Facebook Page!

Happy New Year!

With the growth of The Real Estate Finance Website, it is now time to jump on the Facebook bandwagon. One of our members was kind enough to create a Facebook Fan Page for this site. Please use it as another way to connect with the funding you need (or offer). If you could all do this website a big favor and "like" our Facebook page, that would be great! Here is the fan page url:…


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Do you want to get paid for helping other people raise their credit score?

Have you ever thought how nice it would be if you could help people, get very well paid for doing it, and accomplish this in just a couple hours a week (or less)?

Here it is:

Credit Repair is a service that helps thousands of people every month. Raising your credit score can qualify you for real estate financing, credit cards, automobiles, and lower interest rates, all of which save you money. Good credit makes life much easier!

Sometimes life is tough and people don't…


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Happy Holidays everyone!

Most of you know that we have a verified Funding Sources feature on this website. Most of these lenders were verified around the time this website was started. A few have been added in the last year. At the time these lenders were verified over a year ago, each was a verified, direct funding source. Now, with so much time passing by, we are going to make a major change to benefit everyone:

If you have already paid to be added as a verified Funding…


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I own this website. Just for fun... Here are my thoughts (from someone that has closed more loans than you)

If you are a Mortgage Broker, JUST CALL YOURSELF A BROKER!

If you are "direct to the check writer", why don't you just call yourself a Broker? A Broker is someone that "brokers" a transaction. For those that lie or are embarrassed that they are Brokers, that means that if you do not either write the check, wire the funds personally, or work for a company that writes the check or wires funds, then YOU ARE A BROKER!!!

"Direct to the check writer?" That means that you are not…


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Need help spreading the word about your great funding solutions?

The Real Estate Finance Website has thousands of members and most of them need financing either for themselves or their clients. Would you like to reach the entire membership base in one easy message? The Admin for this website has the ability to send out a "mass email message" to the entire membership base of this website in one easy message with as many links and attachments as needed. If you want to reach everyone on this website to tell them about your newest funding solutions, your hard…


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If anyone is spamming you with "non-real estate related" messages, please let me know!

To all members,

As this website gets bigger, we will attract all types of new members. I try hard in my limited time to keep things real estate or funding related but unfortunately other things will always fall through the cracks. I am fine with a little spam but keep it within reason. That being said, if you are getting messages having nothing to do with real estate or real estate funding, please let me know and I will make the sender disappear from this site. Also, if you get…


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From the owner of this website, regarding the sale and leasing of BG's and SBLC

Hi everyone.

Just a heads up... Please keep your postings real estate or mortgage related. Most of you are doing a fantastic job and I have heard of several successful transactions already in the one year that this website has been online!

I want to say that from now on, post your blogs about BG's (bank guarantees) and SBLC's (standby letters of credit) on or other sites. We do not want the constant clutter regarding these on the real estate finance…


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