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I'm seeking a Joint Venture Partner for distressed apartment deals. I will find the deals, do the due diligence, perform renovations, work with property management to bring occupancy up.

You will receive 6% return on your money before any profits are shared of the yearly cash flow. Everything over that we will split 50/50. We will also have the option to flip some of these properties. The split will be 70/30 in your favor.

Here's an example of what the numbers would look…


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Looking for Private Money Lender on apartment complex in OKC

I have a complex i'm trying to buy in Oklahoma City. The complex is a c plus to b minus complex.
The complex is half rented and needs the other half of the complex to be renovated. 
Here's the numbers-
1 million dollar purchase plus rehab of $224,000
Across the street has a 98 percent occupancy year round and our current building has a 100 percent occupancy for units that are…

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I'm seeking apartment loans in Memphis TN and Oklahoma City. Here's the details

1- Memphis TN 130 units, Purchase price $799,000. Value add deal. $245,000 NOI. Renovations needed on 36 units- 4k per unit

2- Oklahoma City- 104 unit complex, Purchase price 1 million, only 48 units rented and still $115,000 NOI. 4k needed to renovate units not rented.  Once renovation done and 90% of units rented $296,000 NOI

Please contact me if interested



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Seeking Apartment Funding

I'm seeking apartment funding for a 398 unit complex. Details below

398 Unit complex being sold for 4.4 million or $11,000 per door
Property 100% vacant
After purchase property renovation will cost 2-2.6 million
Net cash flow after 80% occupied $1,596,000 per year
Resale property at a 10% cap at 80% occupancy for…

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Seeking gap funding

I'm seeking gap funding for a fix and flip deal near Sacramento CA. The total project cost is $245,000. Rehab is $35,000. ARV is $330,000.

I'm seeking $60,000 for the gap funding. I'm offering an equity portion of the deal or set interest rate for the gap funding.

Please call or email me if interested

Dustin Rose



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