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Real Estate Developer Used His Expertise to Grow His Retirement Account

Taking control of your retirement account and investing in the assets that you know, understand and can control will allow you to secure better financial future. A Sense Financial client has achieved such satisfaction using the opportunities and features presented by the self-directed Solo 401k.

As a real estate developer, Michael Foley has a lot of experience…


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Becoming A Real Estate Investor...

Hello to all Current, New and Potential Private Investors;

Becoming a Private Investor can earn 8% to 13% in return!

By investing in real estate mortgages your investment is secured. Investing in mortgages isn’t only buying or selling of mortgages at a discount. It includes directly lending your [hard] money to individuals and securing that loan with a mortgage against their…


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Back on Track...Empowered with Faith!

Is Business Finance working for you?  You need a TEAM.

Business finance is complicated to those who do not understand the system of funding.  You must understand there is a system, prepare yourself and have faith to allow someone to help you put it together.  You will ruin your personal credit if you do not take the proper measures to establish your business properly.  Stop chasing FALSE  HOPE & promises and do it right.  If things have fell apart or seem to be…


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Let's Keep it Real! It's 2016

Truthfully, and, unfortunately 99% of the businesses owners that have applied for funding  have no clue in terms of how to prepare their businesses and themselves for funding. This is mandatory before looking at real estate, or beginning to seek funding.  Sadly, most cannot clearly answer basic questions such as, how is your business monetized and what is your exit strategy?   In fact, some are extremely offended by the basic questions that must be answered.  Simply because they haven't…


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Tips To Become A Real Estate Investor

I read an article about Warren Buffett's saving advice and I immediately thought of the many private investors I work with  - and the many individuals who are interested/may be interested in being a private investor in California real estate.



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Financing for larger real estate and energy projects in USA and International

Financing for larger real estate and energy projects in USA and Worldwide. All types of residential and commercial projects will be considered including energy related projects and construction projects in USA and Internationally. Please email loan request to and the website is 

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We're excited to announce that we have assisted with originating more than 3,000 loans since in 2011. Whether you are looking for a short-term fix-and-flip loan or a fully amortizing 30-year landlord loan, we've got you covered. …


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Low Doc Commercial Loans!

We just closed a $600k Commercial Loan for one of our value borrowers!! 

  • 25 yr Amortized
  • North Carolina
  • Low Docs
  • 7.9% Rate

If you are on the hunt for some commercial financing, contact us today!

  • US and Canada markets
  • Loans from $150k to $15MM
  • NO Balloons, up to 30-yr Amortized Terms
  • Up to 75% LTV
  • Minimum FICO:…

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Why Good Credit Is Important & How Can You Fix It Fast?

Why Good Credit Is Important & How Can You Fix It Fast?

I know first hand how important good credit is. Every day I look at people's credit and it is an absolute fact, good credit makes life much easier, and even better than that, having good credit can save you a great deal of money! Now, through this proven credit repair service, you can have your credit repaired very fast and be quickly on the road to a better life. I mean that, a…


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MACG REAL ESTATE & FINANCE GROUP, LLC is delighted to officially announce the launch of our newly designed website!

   MACG REAL ESTATE & FINANCE GROUP, LLC is delighted to officially announce the launch of our newly designed website! Take a look around and let us know what you think.

 MACG REAL ESTATE & FINANCE GROUP, LLC has taken significant time during this process to think through not only how we do business, but perhaps more importantly, on how can we improve our service to our customers. Also, how we can make MACG…


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What Is A Rental Or Investment Property Hard Money Loan?

I wanted to inform you as to what a Hard Money Rental Property or Investment Property Loan is.  We use these terms interchangeably.  They can be smaller size loans or jumbo size loans ($417,000 and up).

Click here to see our short but informative video here.…


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Hard money loans aren't for everyone, but, those with less than stellar credit, needing a quick loan, wanting to fix up a property, all fall within the parameters of why hard money is beneficial.

If a Borrower qualifies for conventional or traditional financing, I tell…


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Recently Funded Deals – The Buck Stops Here

Being the last hope for an individual or family to buy a home or an investment property is not just a job for us but something we are proud we can be.

We hope the following recently funded deals shows you how we can help you, your client, a family member or friend, anywhere in Sonoma County and all…


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Keeping Abreast Of Hard Money Lending Changes For You.

I was inspired by a recent article posted by The Trust Deed Capital blog called “Six Things To Look For When searching For A Hard Money Lender”.

Hard Money or Private Money (interchangeable terms) can be scary to some borrowers and Agents alike who have never used it before.  However, it can be a deal-saver more times than…


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A Women's Guide to Investing In Debt (Mortgage Notes)

This Information is for Women That Are Interested In
Investing in Small Discounted Performing Mortgage Notes…

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Do you have a Real Estate Solution that Needs to be Solved

Have you been denied financing from a Banks or other Alternative Lenders? Need to refinance your Commercial Building or Land? Have a Commercial purchase loan for a distressed or cash flowing property that you need to close fast? Have a portfolio of…

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Off Market Properties in Southern California

I have several off market lucrative deals in Southern California region.

All of them are for sale.

Looking for a solid investor/developer who is willing to perform in the areas of Beverly Hills, Malibu, Brentwood, Bel Air, Indian Wells, & Palm Springs.

Email me for more information:

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What Is a Bridge Loan – And How is It Beneficial

Click here to see our simple but informative What Is A Bridge Loan video

Real estate agents, investors, home buyers and home sellers alike should know about this short term real estate loan - or should I say smart home buying strategy.

A Bridge or temporary loan is a type of Creative Financing that some Lenders offer. 

It is a short term loan, 12 to 18…


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New Book on Private lending scams, identity theft and money laundering from my personal experiences!

I have taken 36 months of painful experiences within the private lending realm and written a book to help save other investors time and hard earned money. The book tells you what to look for, how to identify them, how they work, how they keep drawing you in to their scams. The book also cover job scams, wiring issues with banks, how to set up accounts to protect yourself, traveling to meet investors, etc.. My wish is not to sell a million books but save all my fellow investors the time and…


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