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Invest Without Cash?? 100% Financing

Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

100% Startup Financing

*100% Financing* A Unique Investing Option. 

USA Only.

Invest without cash?? *100% Financing* A Unique Investing Option.…


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Apartment Building Stated Mortgages

 BRIC LLC makes a specialty of apartment building mortgages which enable it to consider offering apartment buildings refinances up to 70% LTV. Finalized LTV’s and interest rates are determined by expertise of the owner, length of ownership, profits, sturdiness of credit, and robustness of real estate. We will consider both owner occupied as well as investment real estate in the case of apartment building mortgage loans. I strongly suggest you take a few moments to take a peek at our company…


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Tap Into This Well-Source of Funding

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Cash Out Refi of Non-Owner Occupied Rental Loans


Find out more and fill out the form below:

- Two year seasoning required

- Property MUST be titled in corporate name

- $50k up to $500k

- LTV up to 70% based on appraisal

- Rates typically 9.50% – 9.75%

- Fixed 2, 3, & 5 year…


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100% funding

Investment Program for Qualified Projects that meet the following criteria:

  • Asset-worthy, financially and economically viable
  • Has capable management
  • Is of a worthwhile value 

The Program will consider projects submitted ranging from $1 million USD and a maximum of $500 million USD. Projects that are over this limit can be considered but will be done in phases.

Contact for details.

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Fast Private Commercial Loans

LOAN SIZE: $2,000,000 - $50,000,000+
12 – 36 months Typical Loan Term
Up to 75% LTV (80% – 90% for Multifamily)
9% - 12% interest only
2% - 4% origination fee
No pre-payment penalty
Transaction types: purchase, cash out refinance, rehab
Property types: multifamily, office, retail, industrial, hotel, etc.
Fast Closings, typically within two - four weeks if third party reports are available

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'Jumbo' Project Funding Source

Jumbo Commercial / Project Funding NOW Available!




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Stated Commercial Loans


BRIC LLC commercial financing says “yes” every time your local bank states positively “no.”

The moment the economy slowed together with other commercial financial institutions began ignoring more loan applications, BRIC still said absolutely yes. The simple reason? We take a “common sense” method of underwriting. We’re in a position to make decisions on commercial real estate mortgage loans and business financing options in accordance with the borrower’s over-all story,…


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The Best Kept Secret in Real Estate

Let Me Show You The Best Kept Secret in Real Estate.

I GUARANTEE IT: No one knows about it...and it's FREE!

I wish I had known about the "Best Kept Secret in Real Estate" when I started in the business. The Secret had been there all the time, staring at me, but I failed to see it. Please don't get me wrong: Real Estate has been good to me, but it could have been MUCH better had I known what I'm about to share with you!

If you are…


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invest in Turkey

Any one who interested to invest in TURKEY is welcome. Contact with me at for more details

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Do you have a Public Private Project (PPP); let’s see if we can help,

Our Financial source is the partner of the investors and the public and state structures in the realization of infrastructures and the projects necessary for the development of territories and people.

The investments realized by funds managed by our financial source are made within the framework of financing of projects (PPP - Concessions) or in Private Equity.

The target investments of the economic infrastructures (concession, transport, utilities or energy or social (public…


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Are You Seeking 500 Millions - 10 Billions USD For Your Projects/ Companies To Be Completed? Why Not Contact The Luguvallum Group To Assist You With Capitals

The Luguvallum Group achieves superior investment returns by identifying properties with potential to satisfy market demand.

The Luguvallum Group Ceteria are as below

1. Waste Treatment

2. University / Building

3. Hospital/Clinic

4. Mining Funds…


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Commercial Financing

BRIC LLC… Commercial Financing

We complete commercial mortgages from $25,000 to $500,000. We can work with the large majority of commercial properties for collateral, which includes: Multi-Family, Mixed-Use, Retail, Office, Auto Repair, Day Care, Funeral Homes, Beauty Shops, and more. The maximum LTV on income producing property is 70% as well as maximum LTV on owner-user…


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Hardmoney needed

Need someone to assist me i have access to about 40 rehab properties a month.if you have funding are hard me at

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Private money lender or JV Partner for business opportunity in Panama



I want to buy an existing Hotel located in the Pearl Island Panama (Central America).  Hotel as 7 br/7bt

Hotel has been in operation since 2005 and has excellent cash flow

Looking for a private lender for a 200k investment repayment in 5 years or JV Partner for 50/50 profit share buyout in 5 years.

Please contact me if interested


Thank you

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Cash Out Refi of Non-Owner Occupied Rental Loans <<<<<< Closes in 14 Days!

- Two year seasoning required

- Property MUST be titled in corporate name

- $50k up to $500k

- LTV up to 70% based on appraisal

- Rates typically 9.50% – 9.75%

- Fixed 2, 3, & 5 year terms

- 25 year amortization

- Lender will fund with credit scores as low as 600

Go to the website below to enter your information and receive a callback…


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We Lend Money - In your Hands in 10 Days !!

We are a nationwide private lender with unlimited funds willing to take experienced rehabbers to a new level.  How many fix-flip deals can you do per month ?  In most cases we lend up to $50,000 (more after 1st deal) to purchase and/or rehab a SFR (1 to 4 units), and we will never lend over 65% ARV. In return we ask for 1st trust deed on this, or other, property recorded in our name, with an exit plan of  ~3 months (fix-flip only), and a profit sharing split in equity,…


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I am exclusive and direct to the Fund Advisor of an investment group that funds large realestate and other commercial projects.  We use bank and other financial instruments to fund  loans of 25M USD Min with no reasonable maximum. Also, our Investment Fund can provide additional collateral if needed  from your banking institution, when your project is approved by our affiliate Fund Advisor. We work hard to creatively find a solution to your funding need.


Dan Murphy…


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The Solo 401k Plan: Are There Rules and Regulations I Should Know First?

Have you ever wondered how a Solo 401k plan works and what makes it different from the more traditional 401(k) plan?

Solo 401k plan is a plan that is designed for business…


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Reusable Recyclable Plastic Construction Template Project



Thank you for your interest in our project.

At the moment we are looking for investors willing  to invest $300 million USD in our Reusable Recyclable Plastic Construction Template project which consists of the repetitive construction of four 50-production-line-factories in China.  The investments will be controlled by an Investor owned, and Investor controlled  Joint Venture company to be established when funds are approved for release. …


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