Asset-Based Funding

Asset Based Lending

Solutions for small and lower middle market companies,including credit lines against collateral such as receivables, inventory, contracts, and  medical receivables.We  also participate within creating capital through scenarios involving royalties, intellectual property, trade finance,letters of credit,and media assets-including music publishing catalogs.

Asset Types: Real Estate, Receivables, Inventory, Purchase Orders, Royalties, Tax Credits, Intellectual Property, Media, Branding, Auto Loans/Assets, Music Publishing Catalogs, Industrial Assets,Municipal Tax Liens,Telecom, Municipal Assets, Medical, and Healthcare Receivables.

Company Types: Oil&Gas, Service, Food&Beverage, Manufacturing, Aviation, Rail, Shipping, Trucking, Distributors,Wholesalers, and Business Services.

Loan Types:Term Loans,Credit Lines

Geography:  Nationwide

Loan Size: $50,000-$50,000,000

Loan Term: 6 months to 5 years

Pricing and Leverage: Varies on a per transaction basis depending upon loans size, asset-type, and existing company revenues.

Required Documents:

  1. Loan Application or Loan Summary

  2. Executive Summary or overview of the loan proposal

  3. Current financial statement – business & personal

  4. Last 2 years tax returns- business & personal

  5. Agreement of sale, if any

  6. Appraisal, if any

  7. Color photographs of the property

  8. In- file credit report or credit authorization

  9. Breakdown of renovations/improvements, and use of proceeds

  10. Business Plan, including 5 year proforma


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