My personal feeling is that Confirmed funds are not a useful service because the developer of the project must still qualify for the loan and the loan must still be funded.  The cost of confirmed funds is very high for very little benefit.  Its only "window dressing".  You can put perfume on a pig but it is still a pig.  "You can't make a silk purse from a sows ear."

If there is a qualified borrower he will have no trouble raising funds.  Money has to be put to work to be of value.  In that way lenders and borrowers need each other.  But no lender will take a financial risk based upon a claim that that there are funds in an account that can never be used to secure the loan.

What is your opinion?

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Agreed. The Golden Rule of Finance: The one who has the Gold makes all the rules. 

Projects and Principals that come to me with a 'Business Plan' dictating how things will work get filed into the circular......after, of course, we 'educate' them otherwise.  Especially 'Principals' that mandate MY Source of capital PROVE they have money via some sort of Proof of funds mechanism. Such audacity. IMHO they are scams and not worth the effort.

Good post Mr. Greenshield

I see your point, Brent.  Could you give the group an overview of how POF can be used to enhance an SFR package?  May be you could relate a case history to us.  Thank you


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