Here at Sun Pacific Mortgage, we offer Hard Money financing for jumbo size loans and bigger with qualifications that are more forgiving than traditional and conventional financing.   

Recently Funded Jumbo Loan 

Location: Redwood City, San Mateo County

Amount: 770,000

Loan To Value: 68%

Length to close: 16 days

Reason for loan: Fast cash needed 

Hard Money loans are the answer for someone with irregular income, tarnished credit, needs fast cash or property not qualifying for regular financing.  These are not issues with us. 

We have two main qualifications: 

1. At least 25% down payment or good existing equity and

2. An ability to repay the loan.   

Having been in business for almost 30 years now, we have seen it all, and we can usually make the seemingly impossible, possible.   Call Us today at 707-523-2099 and get you’re your large loan funded! 

Best, Ken – The Superhero Guy in the White Hat

Hard Money Lead Loan Originator at Family owned and operated Sun Pacific Mortgage & Real Estate, serving all of California since 1988!  707-523-2099

CA Bur Real Estate License #01858042 and NMLS #1221130






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