1:Unsecured Line of Credit- 25k up to 200k

-680+ personal credit score to qualify
-Program does not check your last 2 year tax returns
-Start ups ok- this program is FANTASTIC for start ups!
-Works for churches and non profits
-Great for real estate investors 
-Must have an LLC or corporate entity
-0% APR available on some for up to 12 months

2. Revenue Based Line of Credit

-up to 500k
-Last 2 year tax returns checked for income verification
-Asset based and Inventory Lines avaliable
-Perfect for clients with recurring inventory needs

For clients with larger revolving lines of credit of needs $1M plus we also have solutions through our corporate finance platform. 

If you are interested in this for your business please contact me back with three things so we can have our account managers begin processing your file:

1. Name/Contact Info
2. Credit Score #
3. Option from above that you are interested in and ideal amount of credit you are seeking

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