Our investors are not sensitive to your score credit but they prefer investing in profitable Real Estae Projects, if you do have Viable one let's see if we can help.

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Hello Ferid,

Hope that I find you well? How is the application progressing?

David MacCallum

Hi, Ferid.

Since there's been a few views, I thought I'd ask for a bit more info, that others may wonder.

Are these investors hard money? Private? Other?

Do they charge any points, or up front fees?

How long is the duration for the lended funds, and at what percents?

What range do they want projects to be, min - max?

For any seller financing deals, would they provide the down money, without "any skin in the game?"

Hi Eddie,

thank you to give me your email address and I'll send you # programs



You can send the info to allstarrmultimedia@gmailcom


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