Who has Funding for real estate transactions over $1,000,000?

Do you offer financing for real estate loans over $1,000,000? Multi-family, office, sports complex, hotel, development funding, residential trophy homes, or anything else over $1,000,000. If you have funding for large real estate transactions, post it here and let thousands of Real Estate Finance Website members know!

Can you get the big deals done?

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My company is currently looking forward to lend money for any deals concerning income producing commercial properties. WE CAN DO: * Deal sizes up to $100-100 Million * Rates as low as 4-5% both home and overseas. * 10-30 year terms * Broker friendly * Closing typically in under 3-5 workings day * for either personal or business loans, Purchase / Acquisition Loans, Refinance, Equity Cash Out, Rehab Fix & Flip Construction, 2nd Trust Deed,3rd Trust Deed, financing - funding - refinancing - purchase mortgage - cash our - Jumbo Loans - Super Jumbo Mortgage - personal loan - personal funding - credit card funding - merchant funding - merchant cash advance - equipment leasing - cash flow - rehab loans - fix and flip loans - Hard money loan - private loans.etc. Specific terms depend on the deal in question. We are very flexible, we would be happy to receive an Executive summary to see if you have any viable project we can finance and partner together by making financial investment in Form of soft loans. I will be looking forward to hearing from you to discuss your loan scenarios.

​Best Regards
Gallaher Travis
Mobile: (760)-919-2800 Fax: 844-701-3059
Website www.mdginvestorsllc.com
Email mdgpropertyinvestmentsinc@gmail.com


I am David Lessnick of OSTEND DEV LLC,i am a private lender and i do finance for:

Real Estate Investors

Business Owner’s

Personal Loan

Debt Relief

Joint Loan.

Note: Loan Interest Rate is 5% not fixed and We actually do all types of loan except Automobile loan.

Do write me on info@ostenddev.com or call +1((641)843-7383

!Do not Hesitate to contact me


David Lessnick

Ostend Dev LLC

1900 Western Ave

Las Vegas NV USA.

Loan Amounts: $1,000,000 to $75,000,000

Property Types: MultiFamily (5 units and up),

Mixed Use <40% of non-residential income

Loan Purpose: Purchase, Refinance, & Cash Out

Terms: 3-10 yrs with 30 years amortization available

Loan To Value Limit: 80%

Rates: Fixed & adjustable, interest only available

Prepay: Step down available

Debt Coverage Ratio: as low as 1.25

Credit Score: 650

Occupancy: Average 90%

Non-recourse options available


Yes we can...

500K up to 100M

100% Bond programs

High LTV Loans up 90%  varies case by case. Strength of borrower, financials, credit scores, ex in business.

Banks rates. Amortize 20-30 yrs Short & long terms.

The Financial Mall, LLC, a single platform of the most diverse investors and lenders.

We realize, there are those who wish not to deal with brokers, which is understandable due to deception, that many brokers do not disclose their true position in the financial industry. We are proud to be brokers for a multiple reasons; hence, we have been accepted and approved by many direct lenders and financial institutions, national and international. Though our sources, we can facilitate funding in the allied industries, construction, hospitality, leisure and transportation.

We have asset to Venture Capitalists and groups of private investors and hedge fund managers, that are seeking the opportunity to provide funding for array of projects. 

Transportation, such as, rails roads and sea ports.


Power generation

Renewable energy


Oil and gas, exploration and

Commercial development

The above list generally refer to both sovereign and non-sovereign, if a project has legs with equity or not we have other options to utilize that are more traditional in terms of underwriting and condition.  We can also, arrange financial guarantee thru insurance for projects that will not qualify thru traditional underwriting/financing, but are otherwise reasonably good projects and require some form of enhancement to mitigate the risk, due to lower than required equity, we can possibly bring in additional equity investors

We do not charge any upfront fees, and you are not under any obligation for us to review you project and we gladly work with other brokers, but in many cases our sources do not like a change of brokers.

Visit our website:  www.thefinancialmall.biz

Email inquiries to: info@thefinancialmall.biz

We are a Federal Bank offering portfolio products nationwide. Up to 75 LTV, VERY common sense underwriting. We pay our brokers UNDISCLOSED REBATES up to 2pts! No need to charge your client origination points, if you don't want to.

Our typical borrower is someone with "slightly scratched" profile. Examples of "slightly scratched" transactions we closed in the past include: 
-Low FICO 
-Unemployed borrower 
-Illegal units in the building 
-Foreign Nationals requiring non-recourse (up to 65LTV) 
-Break-even DSCR 
-Foreclosures, Bankruptcies, Judgments 
-Title violations 
-Recent mortgage lates 
-Low and negative global cash flow 
-Very low borrower's liquidity and/or net-worth 
-No rental or management experience 
-IRS tax liens 
-Properties in high crime area 
-Sponsors with open law suits 
-Poor historical operating statements

Please call me if you are interested - 617.833.1565  Natalie

We have access to 5BL Nationwide to fund large projects.

No upfront fees or junk fees. Serious inquires only. No pipe dreamers.


James Crigler  - Direct line- (770) 572-4481 

We have access to 3rd quarter capital that our capital partners are ready to deploy for qualified projects. We're a 30 year old mortgage and realty company with offices in Oakland and Sacramento. We are here to help you to acquire the funding that you need for your project.

Please see the attached file.


Money For Multifamily

Program Attached



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