Who has Funding for real estate transactions over $1,000,000?

Do you offer financing for real estate loans over $1,000,000? Multi-family, office, sports complex, hotel, development funding, residential trophy homes, or anything else over $1,000,000. If you have funding for large real estate transactions, post it here and let thousands of Real Estate Finance Website members know!

Can you get the big deals done?

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100% Financing for Investors

If you need a loan you can save money on your deals or if you want to provide a loan to an investor; you will earn $1,000 on 100k deals and up to 20k to 100k on 500k or 5 million dollar deals.
We help you generate 5 loan apps a week
As a partner we will get you signed up with a binding brokers agreement, log in, deal analyzer, pre approval forms including POF letters
Now you can really make money by servicing the needs of investors when they make an offer. BAM!! There you are with a proof of funds letter ready to obtain lender approvals and let the lender take over. They do all the due diligence and works you pick up a check.
DONT BE FOOLED by other folks who make you a birddog and keep the commission on the deal which is average 1 to 3% points and offer you only $500 or $1000. Cut out the middle man and you be the loan originator and get all the cash.



Have you constantly fallen for scam artist while seeking for a loan?
Do you have a bad credit?
Do you want a loan without hassle with minimum documentations?
Now you can finally make ALL CASH OFFERS to buy ANY Real Estate, Business or refinance.
• 4% interest rate
• No Collateral needed
• 6 Months to 30 Years for repayback
• Funding as fast as 72 hours after approval
• 75-90% LTV on residential
• 90% ARV on fix and flip
• 65-80% on commercial properties
• No-prepayment penalty
Available Loans we offer are;
• Personal Loans (Secure and Unsecured)
• Business Loans (Secure and Unsecured)
• Combination Loan
• Consolidation Loan
• Car Loan
• House Loan
• Home Improvement loan And Many More:
Interested clients should please send a message or friend's request to my facebook page for more inquirings, application form and terms or message payday@fastservice.com
call or text us on (3612173262)


Kennedy Funding is a direct lender on commercial property all over the U.S. and a good part of the World. We have very large lines of credit and put our own money into every deal. If you are a broker or individual we can do business together. We protect all brokers and pay you from the proceeds of the loan. We have funded over $2.6 billion in closed loans. You can reach me directly at Jeffsilver@kennedyfunding.com or call me at 201-342-8500. I look forward to hearing from you. 

Types of projects we look for are development, renovations, and expansions.We also like hospitals, senior living,retirement homes,doctors offices. and clinics.If the Project has a construction loan / business phase that precedes permanent funding, then we would begin with a construction loan funding and then a roll into a permanent loan when construction phase is completed.  Permanent loan can be from 5 years to 20 years in length.

Will also look at other projects if the client has a % of cash to add to projects We start @ $5,000,000 and we can do 75-90 % LTV depending on project parameters. If you have any projects we can look at please let me know and will give you a call.




My name is Philip Moore doing business as Philip Moore Insurance and
Financial Services llc..

I offer loans from $20,000.00 to $80,000,000.00. If you are in need of a
loan within that range or you want to know more about my loan programs
just send me an inquiry to;



Philip Moore
(213) 861-2785
(213) 478-7128
Los Angeles
Philip Moore Insurance and Financial Services llc.

We have Unlimited Capital to Fund Residential and Commercial Owner and Non-Owner Occupied in All 50 States.

100% Financing and No Credit Needed. No Prepayment Penalty.

$ 250 k Minimum for Residential and $ 500K for Commercial.

1% 30 Year Fixed and Forgiven after 15 Years.

We do Construction Loan, Purchase/ Rehab and Refinance.

Contact us today for with your Loan Request !

Lamy Morisset

Funding Specialist / Client Services

Phone : 931-216-4566

Email : loanforanypurpose@gmail.com


I'm diligently seeking borrowers with viable projects who are experiencing difficulty in obtaining financing via conventional channels. If your business is organized and needs capital, I can provide a business or personal loans for your projects (real Estate acquisition-Rehab, Fix flips, Startups,Bridge Loans and also International Loans, expansions you name it). your referral would be appreciated also.

Terms : On a case by case bases
Rates : Case by case
Credit : No Credit history Is Needed

Email : hawkinsharvey1313@gmail.com

We arrange up-to-100% financing for the following types of projects:

1)  Worldwide Commercial Funding via The Sinking Fund Structured Debt Program - for all industries, and all locations (EXCEPT projects containing US Real Estate), $20 Million USD to $20 Billion USD.  Client MUST have 2%-5% liqudity and be able to provide proof of funds for that liquidity.

2) US Projects that have written Contracts, Tax Credits or Grants with Moody's or S&P Investment Grade corporate or governmental clients/customers contracted to irrevocably purchase your products services.  $10 million USD to $2 Billion USD.

To Apply Email Info@WorldwideCommercialFunding.com and provide the following:

1.  Project Name

2.  Project Location

3.  Brief, 1-2 sentence description of project including any contracts in place for purchase of services/products

4.   Amount Needed ($10 Million USD - $2 Billion USD for US projects; or $20 MIllion USD - $20 Billion USD for non-US/International Projects)

5.   Information about Liquidity (for International projects) or Information about Contracts with customers, tax credits or grants (for US projects)

 6.  Contact information for applicant

Within 24 hours (Monday - Friday) you will be emailed more information and documents needed

You can usually expect to hear from us within 5 business days after submission of all documents with the lender's response and the next steps.

More Information about our Loan Programs:

We work with several Lenders, including our primary LENDER who has 40 years experience providing Senior Debt Financing, who has closed over $134 Billion in worldwide projects in the last 10 years.  They are interested in:

-   Worldwide Business Ventures, Startups, and Commercial Real Estate Transactions

-  Debt, Equity and JV Funding Available

-  Minimum $10 Million USD to $20 Billion USD

-  US Projects ($10 Million USD minimum) must have written Sales Contracts (or drafts) with Moody's or S&P Investment Grade Corporate or Government clients/customers, or grants, contracted to irrevocably purchase your products/services.

- International Projects ($20 million USD minimum) require Liquidity of at least 2%-5%, of the project (exact amount determined by lender on a project-by-project basis) These liquid funds will be used to make a payment into Escrow after you have received - and accepted - the loan terms, have been able to do your due diligence on the lender, and prior to funding.

-  Up to 100% Financing

- You will receive - and agree to - loan terms, prior to making any payments

- A quicker, and more direct connection for you to the lender, which means you can perform due diligence on the lender prior to making any decisions or payments

- The Lender will provide references and/or other information for you to perform your due diligence on the Lender prior to making a decision

- 100% Refund Guarantee for International funding - If you don't get your funding, the funds will not be released from Escrow and will be returned to the Client

-  Fees and costs can often be added into the loan amount, with the escrow payment refunded to client at funding (for most projects)

We pay referral fees and love working with brokers.

Need an Unsecured loan or Business-Revenue loan for the required liquidity, proof of funds or any other business purpose?  Email Info@WorldwideCommercialFunding.com   We have access to unsecured loans if you are a US or Canadian Citizen with a credit score over 650.  Our Business-Revenue loans can provide at least 1.5x your monthly revenue, US and Canada only.   (Sorry - we don't have any options for non-US and non-Canadian citizens.)

Thank you!  We look forward to receiving your funding request.



Lisa Arlt Escoto
Licensed Virginia Realtor

Hi, I am contacting you to let you know that I am a private lender with funds ready. If you are interested in getting a Loan any type Kindly contact me for your request. info@liberty-fnc.cf.ny-dept.com 650 410-3209.

We are Crowdfunding consultant. If you have a project proposal or offering memorandum we can work with you in getting the fund from a crowdfunding 

Eddie Edwards

Sividal Inc

770 714 6210


We are drawing your attention to LEGACY FINANCIAL INVESTMENTS LLC.
A private lender and a commercial investor based in Atlanta , Georgia ..
I am looking to connect with clients and serious minded investors who are in need of loan and funding for their deals, we offer all kind of loans
such AS secured and unsecured, fix n flip,Value or ARV of the Property, business loans, real estate loan, rehab etc at an affordable interest rate of 4.5%per annul with no prepayment penalty.
We also lend to some other countries,
Please get back to us so that we can proceed, with sending you our terms and conditions form.


(678) 783 4417

Email : Legacyfinances@legacyfinancialinvestmentllc.com
Website :www.Legacyfinancialinvestsllc.com

Tavaughn Capital Advisors, LLC

Current Lending Parameters

Eligible Property Types



Multifamily Apartments
Grocery Anchored Retail Shopping Centers
Mixed Use
CBD Office
Suburban Office
Medical Office
Student Housing
Warehouses / Distribution / Flex
Flagged Hotels
Parking Garage
Self Storage

Geography (Tier 1 Markets in US)



New York - City
New York - Metro
Washington DC

Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
Salt Lake City


All First Mortgages: Loan / Deal Sizes ($2,000,000 - $30,000,000+)

First Mortgages

Purchasing Distressed Debt

Financing Third Parties
Purchasing Distressed Debt

Loan to Value Ratio Up to 75%
Interest Rate 10 - 14%
Term 1 - 3 years
Amortization Interest Only
Recourse Preferred
Origination Fee 2 - 3 Points
Exit Fee None
Extensions Yes
Extension Fee 1/2 - 1 Point
Borrowing Entity Special Purpose Entity

Loan to Value Ratio Up to 75%
Interest Rate TBD
Term 1 - 5 Years
Amortization TBD
Recourse TBD
Origination Fee 2 - 3 Points
Exit Fee None
Extensions Yes
Extension Fee 1/2 - 1 Point
Borrowing Entity Special Purpose Entity

Loan to Value Ratio Up to 75%
Interest Rate TBD
Term 1 - 5 Years
Amortization TBD
Recourse TBD
Origination Fee 2 - 3 Points
Exit Fee None
Extensions Yes
Extension Fee 1/2 - 1 Point
Borrowing Entity Special Purpose Entity

Tavaughn Capital Advisors, LLC
2914 N. Elm. St. #173
Lumberton, NC 28358
Phone: 919-678-7022




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