We are looking for Mix Use and Green Developers with $22M+ Projects.

The right developer would be:

-Developer who has built at least 3 development Projects of our about $22M+.
- Developer would be open to adding Green technologies and or long term job creators ( Restaurants, Malls, Shopping Centers, ect.) to his project.
- Developer would have CASH reserves of AT LEAST 5%.

We Offer:

-First Draw within 35 Days of project acceptance and money transfer into NON depleting escrow Account.
-Up to 94% Financing
-Funding for both land acquisition and development.
-World Wide Funding of $22M+ Projects.

Richard Lares
(920) 212-1959

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We work with this type of people. Please call or email. was a architect for 35 yrs so understand your problem.

828 483-6883


Jim Flynn


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