Unsecured Lines of Credit Up to $200k/No Doc/Fund in 7-10 Days

Up to $200,000 in Revolving Credit
Fund in 7-10 Business Days
No income documentation required
No employment verification
100% Unsecured
No home or assets required
We have "Equifax Only" funding Option
2-3 Day Express Funding using Equifax Only
No business plan necessary 

700+ Credit Scores
Revolving balances below 60% of credit limit
At least 4 "open" & "seasoned" primary tradelines
No more than 4 inquiries per bureau last 90 days
No prior BK, foreclosure, repossession, judgment

NO Upfront Fees
One Time Backend Success Fee of 8%

Email fundingprofessionals@gmail.com


*Most of our clients include Real Estate Investors and Business Owners. We are the best alternative to private "hard money" or business loans.

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Hi Jess, 

Our funding is 100% personal funding. We don't not require assets, income verification, business plan etc. Please email me directly with the requested loan amount and I'll see if I can help you- fundingprofessionals@gmail.com


Ok great. I can definitely try. Do you have a current copy of your credit report? I would have to take a look at the report, for there are guidelines other than the fico that will determine funding. If not, please pull a report at www.creditchecktotal.com and email me your login (username, password, ss #) or a copy of your report to fundingprofessionals@gmail.com.  

From there I can give you a pre approval without having to add any inquiries. 


Hi Heather.

I just joined this site because I wanted to ask about this ad.

It's a good backend fee.

I notice the company you are assiciated with is in Florida but your in California.

Do you have a contact number.

I work for people who repair credit selling their product and want to know if this is something I can work with.




Hi Michael,

I will shoot you an email. My direct number is 760-814-3315. 

Thank you!

Heather Marquez


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