They are not loans for the credit challenged or desperate borrowers. The vast majority of borrowers are smart business people looking for a fast and easy way to obtain real estate financing without significant red tape and hassles.

Unlike traditional bank loans, hard money is not unduly complex nor restrictive. The terms are designed to be simple and understandable in order to support quick negotiations, smooth closings and easy interest only payments. Hard money does not mean it is “hard” on the borrower, actually quite the contrary, instead it just means the loan is backed by a hard asset (e.g. real estate).

The vast majority of hard money loans are not offered by unscrupulous loan sharks. Hard money lenders are also sophisticated business people who look first and foremost to structure win/win deals for all parties involved. Before funding your loan, the quality hard money lenders get to know you so they can analyze the value of the deal and ensure you are good shape to pay off your loan.

These specialty type loans (hard money) are not necessarily a more expensive option. Hard money loans do have a higher interest rate than traditional loans, but are much shorter in length as they are meant to be a bridge to either a traditional loan through refinance or profit through the sale of the property. They are specifically designed to allow borrowers to get in and out of a property fast or to provide additional time to find a longer-term loan to maximize profits.


Please give me a call 425-533-5335 to discuss how Veristone Capital can assist with your investment property finance needs.


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