Suggestion for everyone who represents loan companies

Hi to everyone , i would like to share with you an idea that it comes more as a proposal for everyone. 

I as a Real Estate Agent can tell that the biggest part of my clients ask a business partner or investors not a loan because requesting a loan means taking all the risk by yourself meanwhile when seeking an investor you are asking a business partner or someone to invest in your idea. About the loan i share the same idea with you that is very needed in the today worldwide economy where the business has entered in a new era but you have also to be focused in representing your investors as buyers so you can share more profit interacting with agent, brokers etc. As an example I in collaboration with a Real Estate Agency here in Albania have 600 Ha of land in the most beautiful line of the Albania coast in the wonderful city of Saranda for which we are searching for buyers to develop very large projects but how can i ask for a loan for the development of this property when everyone is concentrated in giving loans and not proposing the both version of buying and financing the projects in this land. You can use your investors where the loan companies can offer to one the property for sale and to other to enter in a JV partnership with the one who has bought the land and both of them gets in return a lot. I believe that the biggest part of you think the opposite or other thing then this and they can have more experience but this was my opinion that would like to share with you.

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