My client have a construction company from the Republic of Moldova, which is building the apartments and sell them to the public.

To increase production, we need additional finance at least 50 million U.S. dollars, in tranches of 10 - 20 million U.S. dollars a year. We are invested U.S. $3 000 000.00 (bought land and project works)

We can take the money in a loan at 4% per annum for a period of 5-7 years and insure yours loan at our expense, or take yours money under the JV Agreement for construction and sale of apartments.

I'm sending to you a Business Plan (for review) made ​​up for the loan at 4% per annum. We can view your percentage of credit, if it is the only remark.

If you are interested, instead of paying interest on a loan, Moldavian Company guaranty you a return of invested money and additional Profit. I guarantee you the return on investment of money ($ 50 million) and pay (for 5 years) profit in the amount of ($ 15 million). The first profit arrived after 18 months U.S.$4,000,000.

As back guarantee loans we are ready for you to register the ownership of the apartment as a "Future Asset". We cannot sell the apartment, until you unlock them for sale as return on investment and pay yours profit. In addition to the guarantees in the form of "Future Asset", we are willing to insure your investments. In this case, please inform the requirements for the insurance company, if possible, the name insurance company agreed by you.

If in your proposal will be the condition for prepayments in any form, deposit of money or other conditions concerning guarantees of repayment, then you do not need to answer.

Please contact privately.


Best regards

Rajendrakumar rara k

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Hi Rajendra

I have sent you an email , please respond back if interested



Dear Mr. Ranil, Please send your funding criteria for forwarding purpose to my client. waiting your urgent reply privately. Rajendrakumar rara k

Hi Rajendra

The funding parameters vary by project and industry. I am not in a position to provide funding criteria without looking at the project details. I have sent you a private mail. Appreciate if you can send details,. If you want we can sign NDA;s



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