Seek $57 million for risk free industry changing entertainment venture

We will couple our funding with life settlement policy purchases and cost reserves to create a risk free investment. $57 million plus 6% annual interest on unpaid principal, $13.5 million, is repaid in seven years regardless of how our venture performs. Three year upside return is 4.8X or 69% annual compound return for a risk free investment.

Traditional film making is failing. Annual theater ticket sales are in a long term decline. At the same time home (computer) and individual (ipad, ipod, et al) internet entertainment is booming. Wikinomics, collective decision making, has made major changes to many industries including music recording, but not film making as yet.

We offer a free website to individuals worldwide seeking to be directly involved in audio/ visual entertainment. Our members select the script, director, and cast of each film, short, and webisode we produce. Members are encouraged to submit their own scripts, auditions, and music for consideration.

Our revenue model is simple. Member who participate in creating entertainment will purchase a download, dvd, or streaming of the complete offering.

We have a management team with experience and accomplishments in the key skill areas - film production, member development, IT support, and entrepreneurship.

A one page summary is attached. My profile includes a video presentation. If interested, please contact me at




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Mr Wood -

We had email correspondence. You require a front fee we cannot pay.

Tim Murray

Mark -

Thanks for reaching out to me on the Real Estate Finance website.

As my posting indicated, I seek a lender who will consider a $57 million life settlement based loan. We have a high upside startup venture. Startup ventures are too risky for lenders, but not if the loan is coupled with life settlement purchases and cost reserves. Properly structured, the $57 million loan is risk less. The downside return (our venture fails utterly) is return of principal ($57 million) plus 6% annual interest on unpaid principal ($13.7 million) within seven years. Upside return is an additional $306 million after three years or a 4.8X three year return on a riskless investment.

If you will consider a life settlement based investment, I will send a business plan and financial forecast to provide additional information.

Tim Murray

281 488 8090


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