I have an investment property, having a mortgage, have about 50% equity compare with market value, looking for second lien second lien lender

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What is the value of your property?

Best Regards,

Tammy Boruk

Commercial Capital Advisors Inc.

T:646 8127812


Hello Tammy I would like to discuss your funding that you have avaliable, please reach out to me as soon as possible


If you’re in the market for a loan (All Types), we encourage you to contact us today to learn more about our funding program [private money loan].

Loans are up to 90-99% LTV (1-2% deducted for repayment insurance), 5% fixed annual interest rate and a Maximum of 25 years repayment term.


Email: info@reinvestors126.com

Phone: +1(814) 876-5696

Websites: www.reinvestors126.com


Thank you!


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