Here is a Deal for $350k deal. The client would accept over subscription up to $550k at the same rates if we had an interested syndicate funding partner.

Type: Working Capital Advance, End of Term Single Pay
Term: 12 week
Net Deposit Required of Syndicate Investor: $350,450
Total Return to Syndicate Investor: $703,878
Investor Return Multiplier: 2.01x
Nominal Annual Return (Daily Compounding): 294.88%
Factor (12/20): 4.46
Finder Sales Commission: $10,000 upon funding and $100,000 at end of term

The funding is being used to expand grow operations and the ability to extract essential oils. The syndicate partner will have full transparency and look through into the transaction pending engagement with us as a funding syndicate. This engagement is before they commit any of their funds to this transaction, but I have included the information below to see if you guys have interest in proceeding to the next step.

Together, they source legally permitted cannabis farm contracts in compliance with state and county permitting, harvest, extract essential oils, and distribute to manufacturing companies.

They have a joint venture agreement with a publicly traded company for the production and sale of all their essential oils at favorable rates.

Board of Directors and Management Team currently oversee 5 permitted dispensaries, leases 6,721 acres for grow operations, and include an in-house industry compliance officer.

Security is provided by 10:1 cross collateralization of the following assets with an equity valuation of $3,094,000:
3 residential properties
All receipts of both businesses, including over $100k/month in retail merchant processing.
Blanket lien on commercial property closing this month in cash purchase and owned free and clear

Contact: John Zanella at:

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Hello John Zanella, 

We can fund your deal if you are still interested in funding. You can contact us at @

Looking forward to hear from you. 



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