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Raleigh Durham Real Estate Market Update 2017

The Raleigh Durham market at No. 8 in the country with a forecasted 4.16 percent increase in average home price and a 7.55 percent increase for 2017.

With more than 95 percent of first-time home buyers dependent on financing their home purchase, and a majority of first-time buyers reporting that they feel very confident about the U.S. economy.

Nationally economists are forecasting that the U.S. market on avera...

In anticipation of across-the-board, revenue neutral tax legislation, U.S. stock markets have shot up to historic gains, signaling that Congress is preparing to shake off eight painful years of economic lethargy under President Obama and shift into a higher, pro-growth gear.

When you combine that with the affordability that exists in the Raleigh Durham market, especially compared to other markets, it presents an opportunity for sales for people of all ages.

Winston Rowe & Associates prepared this article their primary objective is to provide the most reliable and efficient means of sourcing both debt and equity funding for your commercial real estate loans.

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