Need International loan for stock fund in Africa for 15 million

Hello , 

Are there any international lenders that can fund this following project - 

Firm Runs a stock market fund , they trade global markets , it's like a Hedge fund but they trade stocks.
Located in Uganda , Africa
Trading Stock Fund (Trades Global Market - stocks) 
Located in Guyana , Africa 
They have 3.5 million in assets trading
Revenue is 1 million dollars a year.

They have 1 million dollars cash in fund and also various bonds that can be used as collateral
They need 15 million for exspansion and various projects they want to fund 
Let me know , 
I am located in NY, USA
Daniel Banic (Dan Ban)
My Email -

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Our Investment Group to whom I am DIRECT working with is comprised of Templeton Equity, Swiss Credit & Guaranty, Swiss Credit Underwriters, Swiss Credit Equities and an additional six it's affiliated partner companies.

***Our investment group has a 5 Star rating on Google , Capital Partner Award Of Excellence in 2017 ; 

registered with Standard & Poor's Capital IQ ***

Their senior management team has over 95 years of combined professional experience in Commercial Project Financing and Venture Capital Funding. This dynamic team has background ranging from lawyers to investment bankers, all with vast knowledge within financial institutions.

Our Investment Group now has an insurance team which consists of highly-skilled individuals in risk-management. This allows them to provide Commercial Insurance products through Reinsurance and guarantees, along with the ability to accept business from the wholesale insurance broker community.

Their professionalism and confidentiality towards their clients over the years, has allowed them to work with both governments, public listed companies, professional service providers and private project owners.

Our Investment Group believe Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure must be maintained at all times and is essential to business today. They do not use their clients or their information to obtain new business, by disclosing their information to any other third parties.

Their leadership and reputation in the industry has never been stronger in their history than it is today. As a result they have established many long-term partnerships. Additionally they provide underwriting for commercial funding and related Reinsurance projects to non-affiliated financial and insurance entities.

Download our CIS Commercial form ( CIS Commercial Form ) which must be completed by the applicant/borrower in English.Please would you fill the information in all the boxes and return along with the project documentation. Kindly note projects cannot be reviewed with incomplete CIS forms.

I will have to obtain from you a referral fee agreement . This would be attached to the file and should the project be approved, it would be paid at dispersal of funds.

David Lee  ( Introducer/Referring Agent)  ; The referral service is...

Registered Affiliate, Independent Referring Affiliate Partner and F...

***As an in dependent introducing/referral agent, please do your ow...

skype : lee.david.wai.kam

Company Email : or

Private Email: or

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