I need an equity partner for $10,000 to be able to close a $4.5m deal. I'm in contract for the purchase of a commercial, cash-flowing property, but am $10k short to be able to move forward. Need a.s.a.p. to solidify contract. Cash partner backed out, and I have only a few days left to save the deal! Funding and down payment have already been arranged.

For the $10k influx (which is less than 0.25% of the total) you can choose to become a 5% equity partner, or it can be a short term loan, and I'll pay you back $15,000 out of escrow.

I do not qualify for a personal loan, so no need to offer anything credit based.

If you can help in any way, please contact me!

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Hello Mr. Hernandez kindly get PM me on tomaswood@mail.com


Would you be interested in a Line-of-Credit?  If so, here is some details:

No Credit Score Minimum

No Tax Returns or Financials

Funding Decisions Online in 3 Minutes (zero paper work!)

Rates Start at 0.4%

No Prepay Penalty, No Upfront Fees & No Junk Fees

Borrow from $1,000 to $100,000 in 1 Day

Revolving Credit Line (draw funds when you need them)

No Collateral, No Liens and Few Restricted Industries

If interested, just email me at samcthomas45@gmail.com and I will send you a link to get started.

Hello Anke, please contact me on tomaswood@mail.com

My name is James am the Managing Director of FINANCE OUTSOURCE SERVICE LLC located in Nevada USA and my lending interest rate is 6 percent. You can email me the amount you seek as loan and the repayment duration if you are interested in my service.

The fact that you don't seem to know whether your name is James or Jame, made me suspicious. 

Easy online search showed this on the website of the real company:

Please Be Advised:  We are not a lender or loan broker and do not offer loans of any kind, whether consumer, commercial or otherwise. Anyone contacting you with the offer of a loan who purports to represent Finance Outsource Services, LLC or James Barkley in Nevada is not authorized to act on our behalf.

Additional Security Information:
Finance Outsource Services, LLC has been targeted by unknown individuals or entities attempting to offer consumers loans on our company’s behalf utilizing internet, email, and phone calls. They engage in the unauthorized use of business and personal names, business licenses, phone numbers and other contact information of legitimate, respected businesses to defraud consumers. We want to inform you that these actions are not being made by Finance Outsource Services, LLC or anyone affiliated with the company. 

I am primarily a Commercial investor (Private Lender) based out of the St Louis, MO area. I am looking to connect with Clients that needed loan funding. Make sure to send me a personal mail message. I lend money nationwide and other countries overseas. I offer all kind of legitimate loans such as real estate loan, business loans, personal loans, debt consolidation loans etc at an affordable interest rate of 5% with no prepayment penalty. I await your response,



And another fake.

Our loan offer is at a low-rate, flexible personal loan and investment loans that makes it easy to achieve what really matters to you. Pay off that important purchase or outstanding balance within 20 years at a leading rate with this offer. You can also choose to redraw on your loan at our standard variable rate, currently 2% p.a.


Uses someone else's picture in his profile. Another fake.

I'm a Real Estate Investor/Private Lender, i offer home loans, business loans, and bad credit loans, commercial loans, start-up- working capital loans, construction loans, auto loans, hotel loans, No late penalty for early loans payout..... e.t.c 5% interest rates
get back to me if you are Interested for a loan
contact me on advacapitalfinance@yahoo.com

Hello, are you in need of Real Estate and other Financing means for your Deals/Projects and Jobs??
Financing for Flips/Bridge/Purchases/Start-ups/Consolidation/Debt/Projects of all forms.
Please contact us today and you will get your need in 48 hours no delay.
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William Matos.


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