Looking for Joint Venture Partners to Help fund a multi unit apartment building purchase in Alberta Canada

Looking to raise $850,000 to fund the purchase of a 36 unit apartment building in Alberta. Gross rents are $338,000 annually, investors to receive their money back over 5 years, starting at the beginning of year 2.  Any remaining balance of invested capital will be paid out to investors at refinance between year 5 and 7, with the investors retaining ownership in the building and receiving quarterly cashflow payments.

Building is worth 2.9 million

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We can get you funded with the loan amount you seek. Kindly contact us at metrofinancialservicesinc@outlook.com for more Info on our loan programs.Thanks!


Is this loan contract still available for funding?

This is what i can fund. I offer 85-90% funding to any loan deal. 

Below is my direct contact

Mr Guillermo Munoz 





Looking forward to work with you. 



We have a gap funding program that can help you. Here are the details.

GAP Funding – U.S. And Canadian Citizens

No Income or Asset Documentation Required

All 50 States and Canada – No Upfront Fees

*25K - $250K USD per person

*All 50 states and Canada

*Must be a US or Canadian Citizen

*Minimum Credit Score of 650

*No Upfront Fees!

*No Income or Asset Documentation Required to gain approval

*Ideal for real estate investors who may have a little or no income-relate showing on their returns

Here are the main points about our unsecured lending program:

*Requires credit score of 680

*Individuals can be approved for up to $250,000

*Partners or family members can apply to increase total funding or if original applicant does not have good credit

*Funding instruments are traditional lines of credit or term loans of up to 7 years , both with rates of 7-10%.

*Funding is ideal for startups or applicants with limited business revenue

*We just need a current credit report to get started

*It takes 2-4 weeks for funding


Phillip Walker

Stone Creek Financial Services





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