Looking for Finacing 1.5 M.

1) 300 k request Its used to payoff a 1st lien of 300k for a  1.5 M  infrastructure loan
Upon the infrastructure being placed the property value would increase from 6 M to  approx 28 M (MAI Appraiser)
Otherwise the 77 acres are Owned Free and clear and is Shovel ready!

Are open for funding in stages..

infrastructure loan of 1.5 M......needed NC requires Infrastructure completed before Pre-sales can occur

Construction loan

Opportunity for Permanent financing

 12% cash is available in addition to the 25% equity needed for Development Funding

We nor anyone we know ever sends Private /Confidential Information BLINDLY over the Internet
 We did not send the aforementioned because we only send directly to Lenders/Check writers who are accountable ..not brokers
We sent basic info to receive terms and conditions (LOI) to evaluate in moving forward and then Only at that time ALL requested info will be sent to the appropriate Check writer. Questions Call 646-566-7856

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Thank You for responding

N. Jeovani Rivas

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Hello, N Jeovani

I noticed your post in regards to the $5,000,000 USD funding inquiry published. 

Steven, Nancy Ann Finance Organization is a United States based modern direct financier organization and dynamic boutique private finance team; we deliver a unique, expert and confidential service and assure excellence, financial supremacy and efficiency for our Clients.

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Mr. Rivas, if you are still looking for funding, we fund in all 50 states, up to 100% of the investment property purchase on a 70% ARV at a rate of 9%, funded in 10 days and you can refinance with us at a rate of 4% for 10 years to 15 years fixed or ARM, loan size $50,000 to $5M, no advance fees. Please contact me: George Mallory, underwriter, (917) 653-5215, email: georgeM@stanfordestatecapital.com website: https://www.stanfordestatecapital.com/


Closed Loans that was 100% finance


Manhattan, New York, NY $4,500,000 hard money to perm loan use for construction of 12 condominium units

Manhattan, New York, NY $4,000,000 hard money for construction of 20,000 square feet mixed used building

Queens, New York $1,512,000 for construction of a five-unit condominium

Morristown, NJ $118,000 purchase and $20,000 rehab of a two-family short sale investment, 100% for the purchase, 70% ARV, refinance into a rental property at a 4% rate, current value $393,000.

Chicago, Northside Lake Front, IL $3,500,000 loan to acquire a 180-unit apartments 4 stores mixed used building

Chicago, Southside, IL $105,000 hard money to perm purchase and rehab of a 6-unit multifamily property, ARV $308,000

Macon, GA $249,000 for a real estate wholesaler to purchase and rehab two-story single family into a rental

Denver, CO $154,000 REO purchase for a two-family property

Reno, NV $304,000 purchase and rehab of a four-family rental


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