This is to inform all borrower's who have search for funding for a long period of time,got ripe of their hard earn money without getting the loan.This is an opportunity for you to make a move and gain all you have lost.

I do give out loan at 5% interest rate at maximum duration of 15 years. secure or non secure loan are available to open applicant. If you are interested do contact the info below;


God Bless you all.

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Mr. Glover,

I just sent you an e-mail to the address you provided above in regards to funding for my business.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kevin Rizzo

Mr. Glover,

I recently send your application back to you for review and consideration.

Kevin Rizzo

Mr. Glover,

I recently sent your application back to you, wanted to confirm that your in receipt of this information and what would be the next step in proceeding forward?

Please get back to me at your convenience.

Kevin Rizzo


I would like to know more about your funding. Please send me more info.


Ed Fairfax

215 896 4786


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