I  am seeking    funding for a  liquor  store  purchase  in  Florida,  i  am a  american  that  lives  in both  miami and  paris, as i plan   to return to  miami,  the  problem  is   many   years   in paris  have left   my  credit score   very  low and  very  bad,  

The   liquor  store  has sales of  1m  usd  per year, strong  balance  sheet  and   customer  counts can  pay off  any   debt  service . 

I   need  funding   for  750,000 usd  

The  seller  will  only  release  the  complete   tax returns  and    audited   financials  when  he  sees a offer  of  funding  for  me.

I   will  not  pay  any  front fees  if   you are a  lender  and  if  you can  help  feel free  to contact



33614094335 france 

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STEVE i sent you an email if possible contact me if you are still looking for funding thanks




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