I am working with a direct funding group that will fund up to 90% of your project or commercial real estate acquisition.

For construction development projects it needs to be shovel ready within 90 days.  They can provide up to 100% LTC.  This can include the acquisition of the land, equipment, materials and costs associated with the development and construction of the project.

Funding start at $20 million and above.  Funding is for United States projects only.

Project Types:  Assisted Living Facilities, Apartment Complexes, Manufacturing, Garage, Golf Course, Energy Projects, Waste Management Projects, Waste to Energy, Resort, Hotel, Casino, Recycling Plants, Power Plants, Condominiums and Hotel Developments.  If interested, send me a executive summary of your project or business plan to samcthomas45@gmail.com

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Now is the time to get your large projects funded.


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