I have a source that is offering the following:

Minimum Request:  $20 million up to $500 million

Interest Rates;  4.95% to 5.95%

Origination Fees:  Starting at 1% to 2%

Fixed Interest Rate Period:  3. 5. or 10 years

Up to 80% Loan-to-Cost  Up to 70% of the After Developed Value

Collateral Types:  Residential Development, Commercial Development or Redevelopment, and Industrial Development or Mixed-Use Development or Redevelopment

Seeking well qualified Developers.  Sponsors must have previous large project development experience, a strong net worth, along with a global cash flow to support.

Primary sponsors must have 10% loan-to-cost as the sponsor's contribution into the project.  Sponsors must own the property.

Closing costs and points can be rolled into the loan up to the maximum loan amount.  If interested, send me a executive summary of your project, or business plan, sponsors resume and proforma to samcthomas45@gmail.com 

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